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Introducing Datical DB

Applications have never been more complex or critical to business. As the volume, frequency and complexity of releases increase, so can errors and the likelihood that applications will be deployed incorrectly or fail – especially during database updates.

Database changes are typically handled by writing SQL scripts which are cumbersome, error-prone, and difficult to create and manage. Writing scripts has become the status quo only because there’s no other way. But, when multiple change scripts are involved in complex environments across distributed teams, determining update status in every environment is nearly impossible

Over half of all application failures and downtime are caused by software change, configuration, release integration, and hand- off issues. This raises a larger question: with all of the IT automation tools available today, why are we still wrestling with this problem? This white paper explores this question and includes a brief introduction to Datical DB – the solution to manage your end-to-end Database Application Lifecycle.

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