Adopting Git in the Enterprise

Git is fast becoming an enterprise "must-have." But what are the implications of Git in your enterprise -- the benefits, the tradeoffs? How can your organization adopt a new model of working and limit the risks involved with working in non-traditional software configurations? How do you "retrain" developers, transfer knowledge and obtain the support you need?

Join this webinar to learn from Atlassian, Scott Farquhar, co-founder of Atlassian: the leading enterprise collaboration software for product teams, and Alex Holtz, senior software engineer at Orbitz, a well-known online travel company. Farquhar led Atlassian's internal switch to Git and spearheaded the development of Stash, the company's new on-premise Git repository management system.

At Orbitz, Alex led his team's migration to Git. SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein will moderate the discussion on the pros and cons of adopting Git in the enterprise. They'll evaluate the costs and benefits and discuss the "how to's" of managing a migration to Git; and ultimately, evaluate the ROI in terms of efficiency, agility and control.

Scott Farquhar, co-founder & co-CEO of Atlassian

Alex Holtz, senior software engineer at Orbitz

David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times

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