How to Get Software Licensing Right

When it comes to software licensing, developers recognize that they have a problem, they're just not sure where to begin or how to resolve it. “We need more control over customer usage, but we’re not really sure where to begin.” “We have a licensing situation on our hands. We have information in lots of buckets and we’re not really sure who should manage it or how.” “We started down this path and it is a little bit more complicated than we thought it would be.”

As you will read in this short paper from SafeNet, more often than not, these teams tend to be a little disorganized and are just not sure where to begin to maximize and protect their revenue stream.

Read this paper to four tips for a successful licensing project.

You’ll also see the typical software licensing project lifecycle, read a real-world case study, and lots more. If you license your software, and if license revenue is important to your business - you should read the paper today!