2013 State of the Art in Application Performance Management

It’s ready for you – a collection of five timely, informative articles about application performance management (APM). The 2013 State of the Art and Trends is organized around the following five key trends that will impact how applications are managed and optimized:

• Complexity Will Continue to Accelerate Around Management of Business Critical Apps. IT environments continue to become more complex—at the edge of the internet, in the cloud and in the data center—increasing the need for new generation APM with unified, real-time insight across the application delivery chain, including third-party and cloud services.

• Performance Analytics Will Be a Requirement For a Complete APM Strategy. Organizations now collect unprecedented volumes of data. The key to making sense of this will be systems that automate analytics and deliver actionable insight and answers, not just more data.

• The Mobile Surge Will Drive the Industrialization of Mobile Applications. Users now access applications from an unprecedented number of mobile devices. Mobile applications are fast becoming the primary engagement model and mobile end users expect the same performance as from desktops.

• APM Will Become a Strategic Component of Big Data. Big data is trending from experimental projects to becoming an enterprise-wide analytics platform. Expanding data volume, variety, velocity, and complexity necessitates a new approach to enterprise analytics. Integrating new generation APM into big data environments will become a best practice for organizations to eliminate risks and costs associated with poor performance, availability, and scalability.

• A Lifecycle Approach to APM Will Drive Adoption of DevOps and Agile Operations. Leading organizations are already using new generation APM to support unified management of the application lifecycle—development, testing, and production. With DevOps and Agile gaining ground, more organizations will take a lifecycle approach to APM.

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