Bringing Sexy Back to the Enterprise Database

Database changes are typically handled by writing SQL scripts which are error-prone and difficult to create and manage. Writing scripts has become the status quo only because there's no other way. But, when multiple change scripts are involved in complex environments across distributed teams, determining the impact of changes in the production environment is nearly impossible.

In fact, every time you touch database schema there is a 76% chance it will break your application. Ouch! What could your team accomplish if you eliminated that probability?

As you will read in this short paper, faster and more accurate application deliveries are one benefit. You could also work through that backlog of change requests, take on new projects, and explore new and innovative functionality with your application team’s newly found capacity.

What would the implications be for your business?

More application improvements faster, reduced costs, shorter time to market and less downtime – those are competitive advantages.

Sound intriguing? Sexy? If you struggle with business critical application deployment, change management, configuration, release integration, and hand-off issues please read the paper today!