Build a Stronger Agile Enterprise with Subversion

Any software development methodology depends heavily on version control, but none more than Agile. With its emphasis on faster production, flexibility, and continuous integration to drive ongoing software improvements, Agile places a premium on the quality and efficiency of version control.

Read this paper to consider the dynamic nature of Agile development, and its implications from a coding perspective. Broad and constant collaboration drives quickly shifting prioritization of user cases. As a result, developers often must race to meet prioritized requests within short, time-boxed sprints, and multiple development teams distributed across wide-area-networks often need to simultaneously access the same source code for different projects.

In such a malleable and fast-paced coding environment, developers need the support of a version control system that provides multiple ways to facilitate and expedite workflows, to capture historical changes, and to significantly minimize coding errors. This paper examines how Subversion uniquely meets the coding and version control demands of Agile.

If you care about Agile, read the paper today!