JavaScript, mobile projects top Black Duck ‘Rookies’ list

Suzanne Kattau
February 5, 2013 —  (Page 2 of 2)
“Because we rely on Ohloh to assess and compare growth, including project activity, commit pace, project team attributes and other factors, all projects being considered for a Rookies award must be in Ohloh,” Gruber added.

He said some of the other elements of the discussion include how well-connected individual projects are to other important technology trends that are going on in the industry. “We synthesize all this data together and then sift through really thousands of projects until we boil it down to what are the top ones across all those elements of data,” he said.

“Then, beyond that, we actually interview the project leaders for all of the projects to get a sense of why the projects started, what problems they were attempting to solve, how and why the projects got traction right out of the gates, and then we pull the pieces all together.”

Gruber said Black Duck also pulled some specific metadata in from its KnowledgeBase. Using a weighted scoring system, points were awarded based on project activity, commit pace and project team attributes. Black Duck then determined the Top 10 projects following an audit of its findings and project scores.

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