ALM Summit takes on developer populism

Suzanne Kattau
January 31, 2013 —  (Page 2 of 2)

Five tenets of the new ALM
Instead of concentrating on one tool to bind them all, ALM vendors need to instead focus on enabling the value streams of multiple tool adoptions, according to Tasktop’s West. To do this, he said they need to embrace tool variety, while not forgetting the principles and practices of ALM. It should not be forgotten, he said, that the increased use of good business management to software development will help everyone. He said this leads to the creation of a different sort of ALM, an ALM that:

1. Concentrates on federating development systems of record instead of forcing each practitioner to use one tool.

2. Adopts open standards for integration instead of imposing a set of vendor-appointed standards.

3. Provides transparency across tools instead of focusing on one vendor’s data without any regard for the other vendors in the development stack.

4. Allows for workflow to be delegated to different tools instead of expecting one tool to manage the whole value chain.

5. Integrates the whole life cycle instead of focusing on just development.

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