How Perforce made an interstellar battle possible

Alex Handy
January 31, 2013 —  (Page 3 of 3)
“We do have a lot of customers who have been doing this type of thing in different domains for some time, like storing Puppet files. That's a pretty good fit too. We can provide a really good chain of custody for all the deployed assets as well. Whether we'll unify this somehow, we don't have any concrete plans to produce a DevOps product, but we are looking at doing a Puppet integration. We definitely like what our customers are doing, and we're taking a look at that. I suspect this movement is driven by DevOps.”

But Fannar and his teams have also taken some pages from the enterprise cookbook. Instead of running its game as a single large system, Eve has long been run as a series of services, each of which can be taken down and updated without disrupting the rest of the universe.

And that's important when you've got thousands of people around the world relying on your game to be their connection to other people. Indeed, in that 2,800-space-ship battle, videos of the event showed players relaying orders across language barriers. Russian, English, Portuguese and Spanish, all were being spoken, with the same command or prioritized target relayed over and over in new words each time.

And that's what online gaming is all about: sending people across the universe to connect with someone across the globe.

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