In-memory data grids see 2013 as a big year

Alex Handy
January 17, 2013 —  (Page 5 of 5)
And, at the end of the in-memory day, the usefulness always comes back to the application being tied into the grid. “More and more, we see in-memory data grid technology being embedded into other software products,” said Gartner’s Pezzini. “Enterprise servers, VPN tools, packaged applications. Of course this is going to help a lot with the establishment of this market. We are seeing very interesting dynamics at play here in this market.”

And while the market is growing quickly, Gartner does not yet have a magic quadrant for in-memory data grids. “I think TIBCO could be the rising star here, and could become an important player in this market,” said Pezzini. “Software AG with Terracotta will be growing primarily because of their software marketing organization. [Software AG] is going to leverage Terracotta inside many webMethods products, and a bunch of new offerings they have there in the making around Big Data.”

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