Companies to Watch: 2013

September 27, 2012 —  (Page 3 of 3)

NimbulaCompanies to watch 2013
What They Do: Tools for building and managing clouds
Why We're Watching: The Nimbula Director system automates the creation of public, private and hybrid clouds for DevOps, with a special focus on implementing Hadoop-based Big-Data storage in those clouds.

What They Do: Chef-based cloud automation
Why We're Watching: OpsCode leverages Chef, a well-regarded open-source automation system, to apply zesty “recipes” for server configuration. Using Chef, it’s easy to spool up preconfigured clouds ready for Big Data or other tasks.

Piston Cloud Computing
What They Do: Support for OpenStack cloud framework
Why We're Watching: OpenStack is an increasingly popular framework for implementing cloud-computing architecture; Piston Cloud Computing is evolving OpenStack while offering their own implementation for enterprise deployments.

Puppet Labs
What They Do: IT configuration management software
Why We’re Watching: As DevOps reaches critical mass, Puppet Labs has taken a popular open-source tool and is making it an enterprise-ready platform on which developers can easily roll out their own environments for pre-deployment testing.

What They Do: Cloud-based testing solutions
Why We're Watching: PushToTest couples open-source testing tools with professional services to orchestrate agile, load and performance testing in the cloud for more reliable applications.

Revolution Analytics
What They Do: Big-Data predictive analytics
Why We’re Watching: Revolution Analytics has built a MapReduce solution on top of the open-source R programming language to give organizations looking to tackle Big-Data issues a way to analyze information to drive businesses forward.

What They Do: Cloud management
Why We’re Watching: They’ve created Agility Platform, which enables organizations to manage their application life cycles on a project-by-project or companywide basis through policy-based definitions and enforcement.

What They Do: Analytics for developers
Why We’re Watching: This company’s solution gives developers visibility into production systems, helping them solve application problems more quickly and be better able to support applications in production.

What They Do: Open-source networking
Why We’re Watching: By providing network support for virtual devices in use in VMware, as well as Xen and XenServer by Citrix, Vyatta enables companies to quickly deploy the network configuration they need into and out of the cloud.

What They Do: Elastic MySQL cloud database
Why We’re Watching: The company offers an “always-on” Database-as-a-Service for MySQL applications, designed to replace MySQL databases by being massively scalable and highly available.

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