Microsoft announces Visual Studio 11 feature pack, ‘build-in-the-cloud’

David Rubinstein
March 27, 2012 —  (Page 2 of 2)
“We’re trying to enable people to build continuous services,” Harry added. “If you’re going to be adding functionality and doing it in continuous fashion, you’ve got to make sure the quality is right. DevOps is a big part of that trend.” In the past, he said, “We concentrated on building software and throwing it over the way. That’s not optimal now. If I want to continuously provide software, there must be a loop of building software and deploying software that makes it happen really fast. That’s a huge theme for Visual Studio 11.”

The announcements keep Microsoft on the path of enabling quality and delivering what Zander called “a continuous flow of value.”

“We don’t want you to have to wait years between product cycles,” he said. “We’re communicating that you should expect to see this from us, more of a continuous feature flow.”

The Visual Studio 11 beta can be downloaded now, but there are as yet no available bits for the Ultimate feature pack announced today. The build-in-the-cloud functionality is enabled now as part of the Team Foundation Service preview.

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