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Alex Handy
October 5, 2011 —  (Page 4 of 4)
“The way this works is by linking the JVM into the program. So rather than Java being installed on the phone, instead it's being linked to the program," said Messinger. "It looks like a statically linked lib.c. That's the path we plan to take for supporting the Mac OS App Store. You can't ship a pure Java application to the Mac App Store, but you can package it with a JVM."

At JavaOne, Messinger also announced the release of Java SE 7 (as well as JavaFX) for Mac OS X. It is currently in a beta release, said Nandini Ramani, vice president of development for Oracle Fusion Middleware group. JavaFX 2.0 itself is a major upgrade from the previously titled JavaFX Script 1.0 release, she said.

As for new features, she said, “We have an HTML editor. We converted all of the JavaFX Script APIs to be totally Java. We've retained some of what people found interesting about JavaFX Script. We have a hardware-accelerated graphics stack. We have a new layer like AWT, called Glass. We have support for streaming media, graphics, and all the things that make up a good RIA platform.

JavaFX 3.0 will be open source and part of the OpenJDK 8 release, said Ramani. In the meantime, a version for Linux will be pushed along to completion.

OpenJDK 8 will also include some better replacements for those long-remaining bits of IP-encumbered code from previous versions of Java. Thus, said Messinger, the browser plug-in for Java, which has remained closed source, will finally be making its way into the open-source community.

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