PHP becomes a hot PaaS property

Alex Handy
September 9, 2011 —  (Page 1 of 2)
In August, the previously Ruby-only PaaS firm, Engine Yard, acquired PHP PaaS company Orchestra, while Zend Technologies released version 5.5 of its Zend Server. But the repercussions of consolidation and innovation in the PHP market will still be with us into next year.

Andi Gutmans, CEO of Zend, said that the real focus for Zend Server 5.5 is deployment. He said that while enterprises are no longer struggling to use agile and PHP, they are now encountering problems keeping up with faster release cycles.

“What you're seeing in the DevOps movement, you're seeing the development side has really adopted agile development. You see development teams putting out new functionality faster. You typically want to be on a bi-weekly release cycle, but the deployment is not automated enough to foster that," said Gutmans.

"Even though on the development side, some of the issues have been resolved, on the deployment side they haven't."

To that end, Zend Server 5.5 includes deployment capabilities that mimic those in Java. “It's similar to Java, where you have a WAR file," said Gutmans. "You can package up whole applications with configuration, and hand that consistent package off to production and ensure all the code is ending up on the production side. You can also enforce requirements on the configuration of the servers and the provisioning of the servers."

Zend focused on a deploy-anywhere approach to cloud, with Zend Server offering scaling and provisioning of new servers. Elsewhere, however, PHP PaaS means public cloud.

Engine Yard, for example, has long hosted its own Ruby-on-Rails PaaS in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. So it makes sense that Orchestra (the PHP PaaS company Engine Yard acquired in August) is also based on Amazon Web Services.

PHP's obstacles
Michael Piech, vice president of product management and marketing at Engine Yard, said that PHP remains an appealing language for enterprises, even though it's not as “cool” as Ruby. He said that while Ruby growth is faster than PHP, he added that PHP has already won much success around the world, and thus has less room to grow.

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