Parasoft’s Concerto 4.0 adds process templates

Katie Serignese
June 8, 2010 —  Parasoft, a supplier of testing software, announced in May the release of its software development management platform, Concerto 4.0. The latest version includes new preconfigured system, and process templates for common market and industry standards.

The templates couple automated testing solutions with preconfigured recommendations, requirements and guidelines from the FDA’s General Principles of Software Validation, the American National Standards Institute’s guidelines for medical device software, and other industry standards and guidelines.

For building medical software, the FDA may require or recommend a certain level of peer review and defect prevention, said Wayne Ariola, vice president of strategy. With a check of a box, “[Concerto] allows [management] to invoke these practices and sets them automatically” throughout the software development life cycle.

“Nothing can get through a process without meeting the predetermined policy,” Ariola said, adding, “Concerto takes ad hoc infrastructures and creates an environment with consistent outcomes.”

For extended project management, Concerto’s automated defect prevention and end-to-end QA testing can also be integrated into any development environment and toolset. Concerto is available now for US$50,000 for 50 users.

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06/28/2010 09:34:09 PM EST

I've used Concerto, and I particularly like the fact that it's effectively a project management system specifically designed for software development; as opposed to other more general project management systems. The ability to tie-in business level requirements with low-level coding tasks and individual test results was particularly useful. It allowed the project manager to get an immediate overview on any emerging risks, and then quickly drill down to find precisely where the root-cause of the problem lies (e.g. a particular piece of code that is continually failing tests, or a particular developer who is falling behind schedule).

IrelandAnthony Lonergan

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