ALM tools evolve in face of agile processes

Jeff Feinman
January 15, 2010 —  (Page 5 of 7)
Executives of Elementool, a software-as-a-service project management company, said the company’s software-as-a-service model allows it to update tools more easily to better cater to agile development. Yaron Sinai, CEO and founder of Elementool, said the company will soon improve reporting functions and let developers customize their welcome page to view only the information they need.

“All Elementool ALM tools are integrated, so the development teams can easily switch back and forth, linking detailed notes and generating reports across tasks like issue tracking and test cases,” Sinai said. “Beefing up history trails and integrated forums has let users hand off tasks easily from one developer to another as assignments change.”

HP offers the Agile Accelerator, which was built as an agile project manager within HP Quality Center suite. Agile Accelerator has pre-built agile user roles, along with agile process workflows and configurations. It also facilitates agile reporting so developers can track the performance of each iteration.

“When user requirements are mapped out, people walk through the process with Agile Accelerator,” HP's Sarbiewski said. “That automatically triggers the set of tests that need to be built and specified. Those tests are linked to these user stories and requirements. When the tests are executed, the system obviously records that and defects are found, and it all links together.”

IBM’s Ambler said the Jazz platform has been his company’s response to changes induced by agile development in ALM. The Jazz platform lets everyone work from the same repository. For instance, a requirements analyst can use Rational Requirements Composer to view requirements and user stories, and programmers using Rational Team Project could pick that information up, Ambler explained.

“In agile, you require software that allows you to automate as much of the status reporting as possible,” Ambler said. “As an individual on the team, I need to know what the team is up to, but I need to know my work for this iteration and the dependencies around it. Jazz can show you who on the team is currently available, which can be good for distributed teams.”

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