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Jeff Feinman
November 24, 2009 —  CA is currently building an agile development project manager aimed at helping small businesses and developers improve their processes with virtual requirement and task management.

Agile Planner leverages capabilities from’s cloud-computing platform. David Hurwitz, CA’s vice president of governance product marketing, said Agile Planner will commercialize’s agile development and management capabilities, and add features of its own over the next few months with the help of developer feedback. He said Agile Planner will consist of a virtual requirements wall where differently colored notes can be placed and moved as requirements change and others gain a higher priority.

Agile Planner users will also plan tasks—also known as sprints—by assigning requirements to sprint charts. Users can leverage the application by simultaneously managing multiple development techniques such as Extreme Programming and Scrum.

“It will allow them to track function points and velocity, and then as they move through a sprint, it shows the planned and actual progress of the project in a burndown chart,” Hurwitz explained.

To generate attention for the release and to gather developer feedback, CA has created the Agile Planner Community, a forum where developers can submit and vote on ideas for feature enhancements. The site contains blogs, Webcasts and white papers on agile development.

“As part of piecing it up, we’ve created a community of agile software developers,” Hurwitz said. “In the spirit of agile, what we’re doing is having developers submit ideas for what they’d like to see in an agile planning tool and vote on those ideas.”

Agile Planner will be integrated with CA Clarity PPM, the company’s project and portfolio management system for managing development initiatives. With the integration of Agile Planner and Clarity PPM, CA said users have management control of their projects regardless of whether they use agile development or not. While it is being created, Agile Planner will also utilize features from CA Federation Manager, which provides single sign-on and centralized security management, and CA Wily for application monitoring capability.

Hurwitz said Agile Planner was derived from an existing application within called ScrumForce, which manages agile development on with product and sprint backlogs, as well as sprint timetables. CA will be taking those management capabilities and “beefing them up” over the next few months, according to Hurwitz.

Agile Planner is currently under development, and Hurwitz said CA expects it to be generally available in the spring of 2010.

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