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Alex Handy
October 15, 2009 —  (Page 1 of 2)
When the information page for MySQL 6.0 vanished from in early October, the community began whispering that the project had been killed by its new owner, Oracle. But in reality, the reason for the removal was far less sinister. MySQL 5.4 included a non-coded new feature: a redesigned release schedule. The goal is to release more often and to introduce new features at a more iterative rate.

“MySQL has a long history of maintaining multiple development branches," reads the MySQL development wiki, describing the reason for canceling 6.0.

"Back in 2002, when 4.0 version became stable, we already had both 4.1 and 5.0 in alpha. Later, 5.1 was already under development before 5.0 got stabilized. Before adopting this new model, we had a similar situation with 6.0 and 6.1.”

Rather than killing 6.0, its features have been pushed into various new planned versions of the 5.x MySQL code trunk. The developers maintain that MySQL 6.0 will exist eventually. It will simply be built on different code.

Developer tools to get updates
Oracle announced its intention to update many of its developer tools, and it released lists of its planned changes to each. Oracle JDeveloper 11g, which is based on Eclipse, will be receiving new handlers for JSON, support for RESTful Web services and support for Maven.

Oracle will also release development support for its new Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile Client, which brings Oracle's application framework onto mobile phones. The Oracle Team Productivity Center will add Bugzilla support and process task controls to JDeveloper.

The ADF will also include a new suite of UI components. These UI components allow developers to build database interfaces that resemble iTunes, said Oracle.

When Oracle acquired BEA Systems, the company inherited another Eclipse-based development environment, this one focused on BEA's WebLogic application server. While Oracle laid off much of the team behind that effort, the Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g lives on. However, the company's plans for that environment were shown, at OpenWorld, to be focused on migration tools to allow users of other application servers to move onto WebLogic.

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