Oracle guarantees that Sun will shine on

Alex Handy
October 13, 2009 —  (Page 1 of 2)
Oracle's Larry Ellison does not like to lose. When the Oracle OpenWorld conference began on Sunday, he made sure to spend his time on the keynote stage eliminating fear, uncertainty and doubt around his company's acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Ellison also made sure that Sun cofounder and chairman Scott McNealy spent more time on stage than he did.

McNealy, in turn, did his part to spread faith in the acquisition by reiterating claims made by Ellison in the preceding months.

“We're not a capital equipment with big fabs. We are all about innovation. You have to keep inventing. You have to keep creating," said McNealy.

"We did that with a lot of great people. We were one of the world's top R&D companies. Think about putting Oracle's large R&D budget with our R&D budget, and you have one of the biggest R&D budgets of all time."

He's right: Sun spent over a billion dollars a year on pure R&D. Its problem was that little if any of it yielded new revenues, let alone profits.

Then McNealy threw out some numbers: “There are over 216,000 SPARC servers out in the market today. Seven million processors shipped this decade. We went and asked Oracle what are their plans. They are going to spend more money developing SPARC than Sun does now.

"What about Solaris? This is the No. 1 platform for Oracle. We're everywhere; we have OEM agreements with Dell, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens and [Hewlett-Packard]. Don't take our word for it. Larry [Ellison] says we're going to spend more money developing Solaris than Sun does now, so feel comfortable about that innovation."

What about MySQL?
Perhaps the most interesting area of discussion during the keynote came around MySQL. The US$1 billion purchase of MySQL by Sun has caused the European Union to hold up the Oracle-Sun merger for fear of antitrust issues.

McNealy addressed those issues in his keynote speech. “The one I hear a lot about is MySQL. Is it going to get clobbered? I don't think so," he said.

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