Short Takes: September 15, 2009

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If not, get to work and get it done, before the next person asking about that is your CEO, calling from a hotel room in Minneapolis.    — Alan Zeichick

Keep RapidMind independent
My colleague Jeff Feinman just published a story about new Intel parallel programming tools. In it, he mentioned that Intel bought out RapidMind, which also helps scale applications running on many core processors.

RapidMind was a stand out {} at some of the trade shows that I attended. It produces software that creates layers of abstraction intended to make parallel programming across a variety of processors easier.

It was not tied to Intel technology, and it is my sincere hope that it stays that way. One of RapidMind's biggest selling points was that it was an alternative to vendor tools and SDKs that may lock developers into a specific hardware platform.     — David Worthington

A worthy mate
I've become a fan of mate. After years of learning that coffee and my digestive system are metaphorically similar to the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil rebels, I'd resigned myself to drinking tea. While tea is terrific stuff, and marvelous after you've returned from an interstellar journey armed only with a towel, about half of all teas seem to be decaffeinated.

That means hitting up a conference can sometimes leave me with no caffeine. Not that mate has become a common substitute, but San Francisco is a multi-cultural town, and I've had a few cups of mate hot, cold, and as soda. And I must say, I am won over.

It's definitely as powerful as coffee, but without the nasty bitterness. And it's just as tasty as tea, but takes to other beverages quite well. One of my friends at NoiseBridge, Miloh, has done a great service to the San Francisco hacker community by brewing his own ginger/lemon mate soda. It's terrific when you're trying to code or write something and your brain wants to check out for the day.     — Alex Handy

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