SpringSource, VMware road map materializes

Alex Handy
September 8, 2009 —  (Page 1 of 2)
VMware's future plans for SpringSource—a company it acquired in mid-August—involve providing greater visibility into virtual environments and the applications running on them, according to executives from both companies.

The post-merger road map began to materialize at the VMworld conference in San Francisco last week. Future additions to the VMware platform will include tie-ins for the Spring framework, which will provide insight into the inner workings of virtualized Java applications.

Rod Johnson, CEO and founder of SpringSource, said that virtualization can minimize the complexity developers have to worry about. “You really want to conceal the complexity that comes underneath. The ultimate goal of Spring was that you write your business logic, and Spring just does everything for you,” he said.

“It's the same experience for the entire stack. You shouldn't be thinking, as a developer, 'What OS is in that?' That's a detail. What you should think about is, 'What is my experience when I architect my application? What is the SLA I wish to apply to the application? If I have a range of applications, what am I willing to pay to run them? What are any compliance policies associated with this application?’ ”

Raghu Raghuram, vice president and general manager of VMware's server business unit, said that the virtualization layer is an ideal place to enforce policies and service-level agreements across a data center.

Raghuram detailed VMware's long-term Java goals. “The first task has been to make sure Java runs great on virtual machines, and we have done that," he said. "The second is to provide additional services for these [Java] applications, such as fault tolerance, easier disaster recovery, and application-aware firewalling, which we introduced with our security product this year."

Johnson said that Spring will give VMware greater insight into application performance. “Going forward, we have an interesting ability to have deep knowledge that's shared throughout the stack. Spring configures and manages pretty much every business object in a Spring application," he said.

"It also interacts with most transactions between those objects. We have the ability to instrument those components and extract the data. Now we're going to be able to share that data with the virtualization layer."

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