Parasoft composes Concerto for ALM

Jeff Feinman
August 13, 2009 —  Parasoft has gotten into the ALM 2.0 game with new software for creating and enforcing development project policies, as well as providing reports on the progress of tasks throughout the  application development life cycle.

Parasoft Concerto, released yesterday, tries to smooth the flow between different phases of the life cycle, including requirements management, defect tracking and source control management.

Like many ALM companies, including Kovair and Urbancode, Parasoft leverages APIs from third parties for Concerto, so it can integrate with such life-cycle tools as Hewlett-Packard Quality Center, IBM Rational RequisitePro, the source code tools CVS and Subversion, and many other pieces of software.

“Typically, when we walk into an environment, no one is ever like, ‘I’m 100% IBM,’” said Wayne Ariola, Parasoft’s vice president of strategy. “There’s just so much going on in an organization, especially if you’re working with a distributed team, a third party or an outsourcer. There’s all these other repositories and systems out there that need to be connected up so everyone can get a cohesive view.”

Concerto allows managers to set up policies for the completion of all tasks. Project team members will be notified when a policy isn’t being followed. Team members can also provide feedback on requirements and project tasks through the Concerto interface. Ariola said the policy-based approach differentiates Concerto from other governance solutions.

“This is totally required for our broad, distributed development environments today,” Ariola claimed.

Other notable features in Concerto include Report Center, which can provide information that lets managers determine when additional resources are needed, and the ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel documents to help organize projects or attach information for other team members.

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