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Jeff Feinman
March 2, 2009 —  (Page 1 of 6)
Philip Deck hates the word “suite” in the context of application life-cycle management.

The CEO of MKS scoffed at the industry buzzword that describes a set of tools for designing, developing, testing and deploying software. To him, a suite simply means a bunch of rooms linked up by a hallway. It means a luxurious cozy hotel room or a college dorm that allows more than two students to share a living space. It does not mean a product that can properly manage an application life cycle.

“We don’t have a suite, we just have a single product,” Deck said. “The name ‘suite’ doesn’t support the level of integration that we have.”

Though Deck might have veered from calling his company’s product a suite, MKS Integrity is definitely a one-room show when it comes to ALM, managing all activities from requirements management to release management. While MKS has remained true to its approach, many companies have given up their single rooms over the past few years to invest in the ALM 2.0 approach, where everyone can be let in. This method puts a number of other doors leading into the room so that products from multiple companies can go in and out as they please.

Letting everyone in
One ALM company that exemplifies the notion of ALM 2.0 is Kovair Software. Sky Basu, CTO and president of Kovair, said the company also believes that ALM tools, no matter what company they are created by, should be integrated. Many major ALM companies have tools by virtue of acquisitions, but those products lack proper integration. Because of that, Kovair went to the drawing board and developed a browser-based product where all major products are integrated within a single framework, Basu said.

“We believe that there are great tools in many different areas that we don’t cover, like ClearCase, Perforce, Subversion, etc., so there are tools in areas which we don’t think we could add any more value,” Basu said. “So rather than trying to replace any of those tools, we integrate with them. By doing that, we don’t ask our customers to replace any of their existing tools even when we have a tool in the same category.”

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03/03/2009 02:22:41 AM EST

Jeff, it's an excellent overview in the state of ALM today. I would like to offer an innovator in ALM 2.0 for your next review, zAgile. We offer the only open source ALM 2.0 solution, as far as I am aware. zAgile vision: zAgile products: video demos: open source download: and a blog comment versus other ALM players:

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