CVSDude heads to America, brings SharpForge along

Alex Handy
February 3, 2009 —  Until today, Subversion hosting and control company CVSDude was located on the Gold Coast of Australia. But a lot has changed for the company today. For starters, the corporate headquarters are now in Palo Alto, Calif. CVSDude also brought along another Australian company to help expand its American reach: It acquired SharpForge, a project management SaaS company.

CVSDude, which creates SaaS Subversion and CVS servers, reported its biggest month of revenue in company history last month, in stark contrast to the worldwide economic slowdown. The addition of SharpForge to the CVSDude lineup should help to expand the Web-based interfaces that power the company's SaaS SCM offerings.

"Given the critical importance and geocentricity of Silicon Valley to the programming world, we expect our move to California to be one that CVSDude customers will welcome," said Jason Seed, CEO of CVSDude. "Tech support is also expected to partially move to the Bay Area, with R&D remaining in Queensland, Australia. We are very excited to be part of the 'epicenter' of the high-tech world here in Silicon Valley and look forward to making our own mark here with CVSDude."

CVSDude was founded in 2002.

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