Code coverage tool digs deeper into .NET analysis

David Worthington
February 3, 2009 —  Gnoso, a code coverage tool maker, has updated its NCover code analysis tool with broader analytics and new reporting capabilities that help development managers assess .NET code quality.

NCover Complete 3.0, released yesterday, has several more coverage points, including branch coverage, cyclomatic complexity (or conditional complexity), and method visits, said Daniel Waldschmidt, Gnoso's technology evangelist for code coverage tools.

With this data, NCover can create trend data from its coverage files and can automate coverage from within Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. It is also interoperable with other code coverage tools, including Bullseye for native code and Clover for Java, said Waldschmidt.

Additionally, NCover's command line utility is now able to perform over 30 different activities, Waldschmidt added.

"Customers can create a workflow that takes .NET assemblies and passes them through NCover and other feedback loops," he said.

A greater variety of code quality reports can now be created. Previous versions produced only a single report for managers; NCover 3.0 produces over 22 reports, such as a build's 20 most uncovered methods and its five most complex assemblies, Waldschmidt noted.

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