Microsoft donates code to Apache Stonehenge project

David Worthington
January 20, 2009 —  Several months after joining the Apache Foundation, Microsoft has made a code contribution to an Apache project. The project, known as Stonehenge, is made up  of companies and developers seeking to test the interoperability of Web standards implementations.

Stonehenge contributors are expected to provide sample code for applications that work across platforms, and to work around differences in their respective standards implementations.

The Stonehenge incubation project was announced in November 2008 at ApacheCon. Apache, Microsoft, Red Hat and WSO2 are listed as contributors.

Microsoft announced its contribution to Stonehenge today: a sample application called StockTrader 2.0. StockTrader implements WS-* standards and was designed to demonstrate service-oriented architecture design principles.

"In general, this is a big issue. The whole point of standards is to provide for interoperability, but so many are implemented in slightly different ways that the desired interoperability is not achieved," said ZapThink managing partner Jason Bloomberg.

In many ways, that lack of standards interoperability is slowing down Web services efforts, and SOA has now outpaced Web services due to the standards challenge being faced, he added.

Standards interoperability is what allows mobile phones to work anywhere in the world, Bloomberg noted. "Imagine what has to happen to make that work. Handsets are working with local providers across infrastructures. In IT, there is nothing like that. It is still using stone knives and bearskins compared to the telecommunications world's leverage of standards."

The Apache Foundation is not the only group working toward standards interoperability. In December, the Web Services Test Forum, an industry group that tests standards-based integrations, went public with its work. Its members include Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Software AG and TIBCO.

“Stonehenge and WSTF were conceived independently, and there may be some overlap," said Kamajit Bath, principal program manager of the Microsoft interoperability technical strategy team. "Microsoft sees them as potentially complementary, with Stonehenge focused on developing application code to illustrate how to use the Web services infrastructure to build interoperable services that address real world scenarios.”

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01/24/2009 11:08:39 PM EST

In other news, Secunia issued virus attack warnings for all Apache servers after multiple trojans infected all updated versions. Thousands came crashing down after some newly submitted code was updated.

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