Microsoft co-sponsors Eclipse project for Silverlight

David Worthington
October 14, 2008 —  Microsoft is throwing its support behind the creation of an Eclipse project to integrate the IDE with Silverlight technology.

The proposed project, Silverlight Development Toolkit, was submitted by open-source solution developer Soyatec and is being co-sponsored by Microsoft. The project objective is to foster cross-platform Silverlight development with Eclipse.

To that end, the proposal outlines the creation of a suite of Eclipse plug-ins for Silverlight application development and integrating Silverlight applications with Java-based websites and services. Proposed plug-ins would provide controller class editors for C# and JavaScript, Silverlight project creation and resource management, and a visual XAML editor with code completion. Build, run and debug tools would also be included.

SLDT will leverage components of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform to provide such features as the building and launching of applications, code generation, source code management, and project creation and resource management, according to the project's website. It will also extend Eclipse’s HTML, JavaScript and XML editors.

The Silverlight and XAML projects created by Eclipse will be fully supported by both Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Studio tools, according to a Microsoft fact sheet. The company refused to comment any further.

Soyatec has made the initial code donation under the Eclipse Public License 1.0. Microsoft funds the project, but its initial committers are comprised solely of Soyatec employees.

Wall Street does not like when companies sit on a pile of cash," said Laura DiDio, a principal analyst with Information Technology Intelligence Corp. She added that Microsoft made a good investment, buying itself not just integration and interoperability, but also good public relations.

The initial release is slated for spring 2009 and will target the Windows version of Eclipse, according to the fact sheet. Versions for Linux and Mac OS will follow suit.

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