Microsoft details WCF and WF in next-gen .NET

David Worthington
October 1, 2008 —  (Page 2 of 2)
Dublin also has facilities for "Oslo," a multi-product effort to develop new technology for customers to build, deploy, design and manage composite applications. Developers will create models within Visual Studio, and Dublin will serialize the models from a repository into a XAML-based format to be executed by the Application Server, Kawasaki explained.

“Microsoft has never referred to any of its software as an 'application server' before, even though they've had one since Microsoft Transaction Server (aka 'Viper'). Rather, Microsoft has always bundled its app server software with Windows Server. This may change. Dublin is a pragmatic way for Microsoft's Connected Systems Division to introduce its latest 'foundation' developments to market without having to wait for a new release of Windows Server and BizTalk Server,” Rymer noted. He added that a standalone “application server” product would free Microsoft to more easily deploy to a variety of Windows configurations ranging from devices to large data centers.

“For many of our clients, .NET 3.5 is still very new, and so Dublin will be 'too much, too soon.' But there's always the crowd that is hungry for the next set of improvements and new features that will jump on Dublin to start their learning processes. The core goal of CSD [Connected Systems Division]—to simplify creation, deployment and maintenance of SOA applications by using executable models—still must be proven. If Microsoft gets it right, the results will be very useful for developers. But this has never been done before. Dublin is the first step on this path, with much more still to come,” he concluded.

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