It’s Troux! Computas N.A., Metis Acquired

David Rubinstein
February 1, 2005 —  In a bid to offer a single solution for enterprise architecture modeling and management, Austin, Texas-based Troux has acquired Computas N.A., a subsidiary of Computas in Oslo, Norway, for a reported US$30 million in cash.

Computas developed Metis, a solution for enterprise architecture (EA) modeling that has gained significant traction in the U.S. government, where numerous agencies use it to understand the assets they have as well as to provide a forward-looking model of where they need to go, according to Jonas Lamis, director of strategic marketing at Troux.

Troux (pronounced “true”) sells EA and IT governance and management software, mostly to commercial concerns in the United States. Prior to the acquisition, Lamis said Troux had been looking for ways to expand its position in the governmental arena. He would not confirm the dollar amount of the transaction.

Merging the two companies’ assets will not be a trivial development effort, Lamis said, because Metis is a client/server application with a heavy desktop component, while Troux’s software is Web-based. “The best thing we can offer at the outset is a common data model,” he said. “The products are linked completely from an information management perspective.” Decisions as to which pieces of Metis will be ported to a Web architecture, and which will remain on the desktop, have yet to be made.

Lamis said the merger represents an important step in the evolution of enterprise architectures. “Modeling for modeling’s sake is not good enough anymore,” he said. “You have to have a business reason.”

Public and commercial concerns need to become more aware of where their information exists, to collect it into a model-driven repository and build applications on top of that, Lamis said. “People were paying millions to have quarterly current-state models done by consultants” or the services organizations of their database vendors, he added.

Troux has raised $38 million in venture capital in its four-year history, including $16 million that closed in conjunction with the acquisition, Lamis said.

David Chartier, the former CEO of Computas who was based in Norway, will stay on as vice president and general manager of Troux’s European operations. The team from Computas N.A. will be absorbed into Troux, which will remain headquartered in Austin but will greatly expand its presence in the Washington, D.C., area, Lamis said.

Michael Carter, the former director of consultants for commercial markets for Computas, hinted that an updated version of Metis, 3.6, will be released some time later this month. Metis includes a model designer and editor, a metamodel designer and framework templates.

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