Seapine Sounds Off on Surround SCM

New release groups actions, offers LDAP support, works with CodeWarrior

September 15, 2004 —  Seapine Software Inc. last month updated its Surround SCM change management tool with the ability to group actions into a single atomic unit, so that if one action fails upon compiling, the whole group will fail.

Version 3.0 of the tool also supports LDAP and integration with the CodeWarrior development environment from Motorola Inc. subsidiary Metrowerks, said vice president of product development Rich Clyde. The IDEs already supported include Borland's Delphi and JBuilder, Eclipse, IBM's WebSphere Studio, Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET; it also is integrated with the ANT build tool.

Speaking to the importance of grouping SCM actions, Clyde explained: "You might be checking in a C file and then an H header file. You check in the header file, but then the C file fails. Now the header's already in there, but it won't compile. Before, you'd have to roll it all back." Clyde noted that CVS and Microsoft's SourceSafe change tools do not have the ability to group actions, and said that other competitors that do allow grouping can do so only for check-in actions. Surround SCM, he said, can group such actions as check-in, rename, move and others.

Enterprise-Level ShiftSeapine is seeing a shift at the enterprise level from pure source control to a more robust solution that adds other features. The company sells the Seapine CM suite that includes Surround SCM as well as TestTrack Pro, the company's testing tool. Seapine will release version 7 of TestTrack Pro this month with a new configurable back-end database that will support Microsoft's SQL Server and Oracle, and with the ability to link defects together.

The tool still will have a native TestTrack format with ODBC access, Clyde explained, so users "can mix and match database formats." The ability to link defects allows users to configure workflow rules for parent-child or peer-to-peer relationships in applications. "You can say that issues must be closed in a specific order, such as fix code first, then the documentation, then the knowledge base article," Clyde said.

The integration between TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM is now tighter, allowing users to fix a bug as the code is being checked in. "When you check a file into the SCM tool, you can associate a defect with it and mark it as fixed, from the IDE or SCM environment, and the comments will be carried all the way through," Clyde explained.

The price for TestTrack Pro 7 is US$295 per named license, Surround SCM costs $595 per named license, and the CM suite sells for $695 per named license.

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