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CM company offers new bundles, updates

Alan Zeichick
September 1, 2003 —  (Page 1 of 2)
Looking to expand from its core change-management and defect-tracking markets into managing the full development life cycle, Seapine Software Inc. has released updates of all three of its products, is offering its first two suites, and is looking toward expanding its range.

Seapine currently has three main products: TestTrack Pro, a defect-tracking server; Surround SCM, a software change-management system; and QA Wizard, an automated testing tool. The former products were home-grown; Seapine purchased the privately held QA Wizard Inc. in June 2002.

According to Richard Riccetti, president and CEO of Seapine, the two suites are Seapine CM, which comprises TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM, and costs US$695 per named seat or $1,845 for a floating license; and Seapine SQA, which contains all three products, and costs $3,495 for a named seat.

"We're developing a complete suite of integrated products to manage all the important parts of the software development life cycle," he said, indicating that the suites will be evolving over time.

The company is focusing on developing products for the whole life cycle, and doesn't plan to specialize in specific areas, said Riccetti. "Unlike a Mercury [Interactive], which specializes in automated testing, we're making sure that the products that we build get the right amount of investment and attention to ensure that each product, on its own, could sell as a stand-alone product, or could be integrated with products from other vendors."

Looking forward, Seapine will be bringing out life-cycle management tools in other areas. "We do plan on addressing requirements, test-case management and other parts of the cycle over the next couple of years, and we'll do that either through acquisition or through product development," he added.

The two suites consist primarily of product bundles at reduced pricing.

"Right now, they are separate products. We've introduced a license server, and it now manages the users and serial numbers," he said. "We've started to combine some assets across the suite, but they still are separate installed products, and our goal is to have them be more tightly integrated. We've looked at the IDEs, and it doesn't make sense, from our perspective, to tie the IDE for Surround SCM into the QA Wizard IDE, because the complexity would be too great. The features don't lend themselves to being integrated."

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